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Sam Cutting is 18, and lives in Brighton. He started at 14, playing in local bands and gigging in most of the main venues, but has now broken away to write and perform on his own. Likened to Damien Rice and Turin Brakes, his sound is emotional but strong, with raw and exiciting live performances. His first release, the "Petrified" Ep is available now.


Petrified EP

'Recorded on home equipment, it showcases Sam's lyrical imagery, sophisticated working of a tune and emotional delivery. Catchy hooks (Today) slit along side Emotional anguish (A Night On The Phone) and Unnerving Interludes (theyweren'tready) with absolute ease. Dealing with teenage angst (since we all get/got it) in a very personal way which surpases the cliche, jealousy and fear that comes with young-love and brutual cynicism that suggests that he has the ability to grow out of his teenage years and blossom into an emotional and epic acoustic performer.'
Karl M V Waugh (Lupindo Studios)